From the premiere of the film in May, 2013 at the Newport Beach Film Festival until the public online release in December, 2014, Archiculture was screened exclusively at self-hosted festivals, organizations, conferences and events. We used a very innovative distribution approach to engage our strong following with this film and spawn a vibrant physical and online #Archichat discussion.


In today's film distribution landscape, few films are able to actually get seen and rarely have an impact, especially a short film. By tapping our colleagues in the indie filmmaking scene we came up with an idea to distribute Archiculture ourselves directly to the people who wanted and needed it most. Students, professors, architectural organizations and festivals all jumped aboard and helped us bring the film to over 14,000 viewers in 26 countries around the globe and over 80 architecture schools in just a year and a half! This is absolutely unheard of in the filmmaking world and we want to thank everyone who helped make each of these 130+ screenings possible. Below are the details about the whole process to keep it available for future filmmakers to learn from and use since we did the same from our filmmaking buds behind Made in LA (2007).


And if you still want to show the film at a large public or private event and don't want to risk the online playback of YouTube causing you issues, then please purchase a DVD copy through our Amazon store along with the over 30 additional full extra interviews!

Films can be an effective and engaging way to generate dialogue and conversations relating to your group or organization. This can come in the form of museums, high school, non-profits, conferences, small practices, etc. The following is meant to help you consider the goals and needs of your group or organization and to use this film in a meaningful way.

When planning your event, consider the following general questions:

+ What is the purpose/goal of your event/screening?

+ Who is the target audience of your event?

+ Where are you going to be screening the film?

+ Will you have a discussion/panel following or is it part of a larger event?

+ How will you promote your event/screening?


The following is a list of topics and conversations that are encompassed in the film:

+ Design Education - A glimpse into the training and educating of designers

+ Studio Culture - Examining the culture of the design studio

+ The Critique - Digesting criticism for good and bad

+ Best Architects - What does it take to train a good architect

+ School Vs. Practice - How well does school prepare students for the profession

+ Starchitecture - Training students to aspire to be "starchitects"

+ Next Generation - What does the next generation want to change

+ The Future - What does the future hold for our young designers

The short format of Archiculture lends itself to integrating programming before and/or after screening the film. Below are a few options for suggested programming.

Panel Discussion:

Schedule a Panel Discussion following the film and invite a few prominent speakers to discuss topics pertaining to the film. Example discussion from this year's AIA National Convention can be viewed here.


Keynote Speakers:

Invite Keynotes speakers to speak. Adding a presenter for another 15 minutes could add interesting insights followed by a Q&A. Although, remember not to overwhelm your showing with keynotes because they can be a bit much, and honestly, people want to ask questions for discussion.


Filmmakers' and Students’ POV:

Invite the filmmakers or students in the film. Many of the films’ characters that were once passionate students are now passionate professionals.


Other Organizations:

Consider teaming up with like-minded organizations. This can often generate more interesting discussions, as their opinion is likely to differ from your own. This can also help you combine resources and generate larger crowds. Some examples include firms partnering with local schools, architectural centers partnering with other design disciplines, etc.

Don’t Be Lazy! The most effective means of reaching your audience is a combination of all of the following. We have tried to assist in this effort by providing assets that you can modify/enhance in order to help promote your event.

Newsletter or E-Blast:

Make sure that the members of your group or organization know about the event long in advance and don’t just rely on one notification. Try embedding one of the digital Archiculture banners in the Email/Newsletter. Remember to send a second or third notification close to the event.


Social Media:

Social Media is just as important as Newsletters and E-blasts. Sometimes it can be even more effective than direct email communication.


Archiculture Website:

Notify us so we can put it on our event calendar and we can help promote your event through our Facebook and Twitter followers.



Use the following graphic template to customize a printable flier for marketing your event. Fliers are a great way to invite people in a personable way.



Print a few posters (8.5x11 or 11x17) and post them in obvious places around your office or organization. Next to the coffee station and on the fridge is always a good idea.

Use the following graphic template to customize an 8.5x11 printable poster for marketing your event. Posters are a great way to catch people's attention.

poster template

And if you have some free printing time then feel free to download our bigger 11x17 jumbo poster and modify however you like. Just please remember to keep the trees in mind.

If you would like to host a screening please fill out the following Screening Request Form. If you haven't already done so, use the information provided below in order to boost the attendance and outreach of your screening.


The following information is a kit of parts intended to act as a guide for those hosting a screening of Archiculture. It is by no means meant to serve as a curriculum, so please feel free to use the film however best fits your audience or organization and let us know if you have any questions!

a short film that could

Archiculture's impact

making your event more captivating

promoting your event

screenings to date

Archiculture Screening Request Form (Responses-v2) - Google Fusion Tables


This is the astounding list of Archiculture screenings to date, which only goes to show how global and necessary a film about the design studio is. Most of these screenings had discussion panels that created very inspiring responses and thoughts for the future of architectural education and the profession. Some of these were even recorded and can be viewed on our Discussion page. Please join in the conversation by following the #Archichat hashtag and be a part of the change to your profession.

hosting a screening



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Use the following graphic template to customize an 8.5x11 printable flier for marketing your event. Fliers are a great way to invite people in a personable way.

flier template

Want to know what type of spirited discussions the film has created? Here is a great one from this year's AIA National Convention screening including:


AIAS President, Matt Barstow

Entrepreneur Architect, Mark Lepage

Co-Producer/Director, Ian Harris

UT Austin Former Dean, Larry Speck

Editor of Architect Mag, Ned Cramer

Character, Dionysios Neofitidis

Character, Giancarlo Tramontozzi

panel discussion

Our electronic press kit with tons of photos from production, more background on the film and the architect-turned-filmmaking crew behind the project, please download the packet here.

press kit

Follow and participate in the #Archichat via twitter so that the conversation can continue!

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We've decided to push this film into the ether of the internet for everyone to see, share and respond to. In order for this to happen we need you! Yes, please take the film and/or any of the extra interviews and embed/share them on your blog, facebook page or wherever and let your friends, colleagues and others know the first film that takes a viewing audience into the world of the design studio is online and free!

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Find out about our amazingly successful DIY self distribution story with over 130 screenings in 26 countries around the globe !

If you would like to own a copy of the film and are interested in having a copy with rights to show to non-residential or educational audiences than you will need to grab a DVD copy through our secure store on Amazon. This copy includes Spanish, Portuguese and Malay subtitles along with the 30 extra full length interviews included!